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Amanda ([personal profile] suchprettywords) wrote in [community profile] clana2010-06-12 06:06 am

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I came across this on tumblr and it's just- yes. I do love Clois, but this is so true.

Clana had amazing chemistry and for that, they're definitely on my OTP. And the Lexana relationship was so forced for Lana. Although she did love Lex, it just wasn't ever in a way that could possibly work for her. And I'm sure she fooled herself into thinking that she loved him a lot more than she actually did, just because he was (or lead her to believe) always honest with her.

Then there's that picture of human!Ursela and Eric which made me laugh a bit, because the lack of chemistry Clois has is just sort of painful in a way. I hate to admit that since I do love the pairing :|

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